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* Servers Available Upon Request: $20/hour

* 24-hour advance notice is appreciated.

* Discounts available for standing repeat orders. 

* $25 dollar delivery charge within 20 miles (additional charges may apply depending on distance)

We specialize in weddings, graduations, office parties & meetings.

Burrito Envy Hot Sauce (5 oz bottles):

  • Green Vulcan ($4)​

  • Aji Bomb ($6)

  • Chocolate Lightning ($8)

  • Raspberry Scorpion ($10)

  • Olympus Mons ($15)














We include everything you need for the perfect spread

Bowls, plates, forks, knives, napkins, serving utensils, foil pans, chafer stands, and warming fuel

To place catering order, please contact us at:


On-Site Food Vending

"Easy / Fast / Convenient"

"Boost Productivity and Morale"


We set up on-site and offer our lunch specials to your employees at discount.

No cost to you!

"I wanted to reach out and see if Burrito Envy would be interested in coming back again. We’ve had much excitement about the quality and variety of the food that was offered, and our leadership team has asked that we invite you back once again.


In fact, we were able to administer a survey to our employees and of the survey participants, we had over 100 individuals say that they would like to see your team back. Employees also highlighted that they have tried your actual store location because of how good the food was."


   - Human Resources Representative, 3M














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